KaRAR Production Programming is non-competitive in the traditional sense. Although our students are trained at the competitive level, our efforts are focused on creating a professional quality theatrical experience for our audiences. Each year, we combine all elements of our studio’s performing arts program (all dance genres, music, and theatre) into a dynamic show – and this, like competition, requires commitment, time, rehearsals, and dedication. Along with production dance classes being automatically integrated into the show, all KaRAR students over the age of 10 are welcome to audition for extra speaking, non-speaking, and set dance roles in production. Our goal with production is to encourage students to become multi faceted, engaging performers in their areas of interest and training; learning how to truly become a triple threat on any stage.

KPA productions are produced every June in front of a live audience over the course of a weekend. Auditions for productions are held in November, with rehearsals beginning in January. Students must be of the age of 10 years to audition. More information on the timeline of the production experience can be found here.

Production Aladdin 2011
Production Retro 2010
Production Lion King 2009