Class Readiness

Coming to class prepared is an important aspect of all KPA classes. KPA’s dress code is an important tool for the correct development of technique and discipline. Proper attire for each class allows for adequate freedom of movement for the dancer. Proper attire also provides instructors with the opportunity to clearly view body alignment, posture, placement and technique.  

All KPA students are required to follow the dress code. Please ensure all attire is clean. Indoor shoes for classes like Hip Hop must be used for indoor purposes only and clean. Students not dressed according to the dress code may be denied participation in class at the instructor’s discretion Students who are denied participation will be allowed to observe only. 

We also ask that all students over the age of 10 practice personal hygiene and use deodorant; otherwise our hard working classes become full of unpleasant smells. Thank you for your consideration.

Always bring a bottle of water to class with you, but do not leave your bottle (or anything else) behind when you are done class. Please be responsible for all of your own items.

KPA is pleased to offer basic dance attire in studio. Click below to view KPA Wear items.

KPA Stage Ready Hair

– Low Bun

For performers 10 years of age and older, full stage makeup (complete with lashes) will be required for all recital and production performances.