kpa wear store

We are pleased to offer basic dance attire to all our families. 

Our stock includes basic attire needed for classes, allowing families to purchase right in studio rather than driving elsewhere. 

Items can be billed directly to your KPA portal, or payment can be made in the studio office. 

GST is applicable to all store items.

Tights (ballet pink, suntan (light, dark), black)
Child (XSC – LC) $12.00
Adult (XSA – LA) $16.00

Child (XSC – LC) $25.00
Adult (XSA – LA) $35.00
Acro Shorted Bodysuit $35.00

Ballet Wrap Skirt (XSC – LC) (pink, white, black) $15.00

Dance Socks (nude, white) $10.00

Booty Shorts
Child (XSC – LC) $15.00
Adult (XSA – XLA) $20.00

KPA Studio Makeup Kit $60.00

Shoes – Ballet and Jazz
(available through appointment booking in office)

Hey You Tees
Child $15.00
Adult $20.00