Registering your child can be done during our office ours at the studio. We have registration forms and waivers that need to be signed and initialed. At this time, we also take payment for both classes and costuming fees. First month fees are required to secure your spot; this can be via cash, debit, credit, or cheque. Monthly automatic withdrawal for remaining fees will require a void cheque, and cannot be applied to a credit card on an ongoing basis. Costume fees are paid via a November 15th / current dance year posted dated cheque. Fees can also be paid in full if families prefer.

We offer classes for all levels from preschoolers, to beginner teens, to advanced dancers, to adults looking for fun and a new challenge. We have programs that instruct in Ballet (RAD), Jazz, Tap (Al Gilbert), Lyrical & Contemporary, Hip Hop, Adult Hip Hop, Pop & Lock, Acro, Ukrainian, Musical Theatre, and Drama.

Absolutely not. It’s never too late to start learning something new! We have intentionally designed classes to accommodate all ages, and ensure students work within appropriate age groups. We are intentional about peer-combining, as we feel strongly that older and younger students learn excellently from each other; this fosters a secure sense of community, and that is a significant aspect of our studio mandate.

Dance classes run in line with the school year – September to June (early June). Each year, we strive to keep our dance schedule relatively the same as the last year, however, instructor availabilities do sometimes change. We strive to finalize all class days and times by late summer. Please see our schedule for the current dance year.

Please find our KaRAR Dress Code document here on the site. For all hip hop based classes, comfortable street clothes such as sweats, modest tank tops/ t-shirts, and clean indoor runners are acceptable. For junior level and up technique based classes, a black bodysuit of the student’s choosing along with black bootie shorts and the applicable tights/ shoes for the genre is required. Different body suits for each class is not expected. All long hair must be pulled back for class.

On average, each class costs approximately $55-75 per month. Certain classes, preschool classes for instance, are intentionally less expensive to assist young families.

For junior + students who are involved in numerous classes, we cap registration fees at 4 classes. After 4, students have access to an unlimited amount of classes.

Yes! Dance fees can be paid in total or a monthly payment plan can be set up for your family (please see above for details).

Costuming fees are not included in dance class fees. Costuming fees are approximately $110 per performance (not technique) dance class. These fees are due by mid November so that all costumes arrive in time for our year end recital.

We intentionally do not attend competitions outside of Ukrainian and solos/ duets, so there will be no fees associated there. There is an optional audition fee of $100 that only applies if your student opts to audition for extra roles in our year end production. This fee is payable at the time of audition. We do optional family performance/learning trips (previous trips have been to perform in Disney World (Florida); Carnival Cruise Line (Bahamas); Disney Land (Los Angeles). We love the bonding time with our students and families that this creates, and we are always looking ahead to future trips. Stay tuned! :)

If classes are missed due to illness, school related commitments, or vacation, we request an email just so we can inform teachers. Repetitive (3 or more consecutive absences) may result in the student being removed from choreography, as it is a detriment to the entire class team environment to have consistently absent team members, and demonstrates lack of respect for instructor time and effort.

Our dance year is split into two sections: fall/winter and winter/spring, although students are considered registered for the entire dance year, September to June. For our recital program, students are involved in two dance recitals: Christmas Recital (early December) and Spring Recital (early June). Community involvement is important at KaRAR, therefore some classes are selected to perform at Stony Plain’s Festival of Trees, and some are also chosen to perform for a Senior’s Home in December. Classes chosen for the Festival of Trees and Senior Home Visits vary from year to year; but all students are made aware of their participation via email communication from the studio.

For our Ukrainian students, classes participate in two festivals in Spring. These festivals are determined by the Ukrainian director and are communicated to each student. For our production program, our production performance is held in mid June each year, and will require minimal days off of school during production week and for rehearsals and school matinee performance.

1.) For our Christmas and Spring Recitals, our entire student body is involved in the show. We recognize many families like to bring extended family to Christmas and Spring shows, and we wish to be accommodating of this while simultaneously respecting the time of our students and their families so as to not require attendance at more than two-three shows. The Dow has enough seating capacity to accommodate for our Christmas and Spring Recitals.

2.) Our production programs are always held at the Shell Theatre in Fort Saskatchewan, and for several reasons. Their backstage is much more accommodating to our extensive sets, props, and large numbers of cast members, with ample changing rooms and excellent cast areas. There is significantly more seating, and with sold-out shows, we require all the seats we can get. For production week rehearsals, we do provide busing to and from the studio in order to assist families with the busyness of the schedule. Until a larger venue is built for the County of Parkland, we will continue to book in Fort Saskatchewan.

Students have until October 15th of the current dance year to decide whether the class is a good fit for them or not. Students are welcome to switch classes, however, after October 15th, no refunds can be given. After this point, costumes have been ordered and choreography/ formations/ group work is well underway, and it is disruptive to have students come and go. Please note: students who late-register in January are not eligible for the refund program, and may not be able to acquire costuming, and so may not be able to perform in the Spring performances. Please inquire regarding this before completing registration to avoid disappointment.

The studio primarily (and regularly) communicates to their students and families via email.

While these emails may not always pertain to everyone in the studio, it is vital that all families read their emails carefully as important information is sent out on a regular basis. If you are a registered KaRAR family and you do not receive regular emails, please make a point of coming into the office to have this corrected, as you are missing vital information.

Aside from emails, the studio has two facebook pages: one for the studio in general, and one specific to the production program. Posts are updated regularly on these two social media outlets.

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