KaRAR Performing Arts offers classes for a wide range of abilities and walks of life – from beginner preschoolers to intermediate dancers, trained senior dancers, and all the way to adults seeking a fun, new challenge. Genres include: Acro, Ballet, Contemporary, Drama, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theater, Pop ‘n Lock, Tap, and Ukrainian. Choose your style of genre here. 

KPA is a non-competitive dance studio in the traditional sense. Although our students are trained at the competitive level, our efforts are focused on creating a professional quality theatrical experience for our audiences through our PRODUCTION program. Each year, we combine all elements of our studio’s performing arts program (all dance genres, music, and theatre) into a dynamic show – and this, like competition, requires commitment, time, rehearsals, and dedication. Along with production dance classes being automatically integrated into the show, all KaRAR students over the age of 10 are welcome to audition for extra speaking, non-speaking, and set dance roles in production. Our goal with production is to encourage students to become multi faceted, engaging performers in their areas of interest and training; learning how to truly become a triple threat on any stage.

Outside of our Production program, festivals are attended each year by our Ukrainian program. Outside of the studio’s spring and year end recitals, festivals give our Ukrainian dancers additional opportunities to showcase their dances and performances. Our Ukrainian dance program typically attends two dance festivals each year: one festival outside of town and one locally.  

Whether you are new to the studio or a returning student, all performance registrations are facilitated through our online registration program. Click here to register.

Full year registrations will be accepted until October 30th of each performance year, and if there is room in classes, registration will re-open in January of each year and close by February 15th. Sessional programming will be available for registration until the day before each session begins.

Tuition for any class is charged monthly. Depending on the class and class duration, our fees range from $60 per month to $80 per month.

All payments are withdrawn on the 1st of every month.  At time of registration, an administrative fee ($40.00) plus first month’s tuition is withdrawn. All remaining tuition fees are then prorated and begin once the performance season begins. 

In addition to tuition, additional fees to the year will include all ticket purchases to shows (recital, showcases and production), production audition fees (if a student is auditioning) and production costuming cost (if a student is cast in an extra role above and beyond their registered class).

Grown ups are welcome to either drop off their child to class and enjoy their hour break away from the studio, or stay to watch through our studio viewing windows. There are many opportunities for grown ups to come into class to watch performing progress; however outside of these special invites we ask that grown ups remain outside of the performing studio so that the foundations of performance independence are created. 

If this is your first time at the studio, or first time with a new genre, we invite all grown ups for the first few weeks to stay close by to help your child adjust to new space, new people, and new activity. It is important to us that every student feel supported in our studio environment. 

In early December, all classes participate in a Christmas Joy recital. Drama students hold their own showcase and are not part of the Christmas Joy recital.

At the end of the performing season (June), KPA holds three separate performances:

1. Drama Desert Night for all drama students (held at a local venue).

2. Spring Celebration Recital (Shell Theatre) for all recital classes: Preschool Ballet, Preschool Hip Hop, Pre–Primary Ballet, Primary Ballet, Primary Tap/Jazz, Junior Acro, Junior Ballet/Lyrical, Junior Tap/Jazz, Beginner Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Hip Hop K-1, Hip Hop 2-3, Mini Acro, Beginner Acro, Junior Musical Theatre, Tap 1/2/4, Contemporary 1/4 , Contemporary 2/4, Jazz 1/4 , Jazz 2/4, all Ukrainian classes

3. Productions are held each June over the Father’s Day weekend. The week leading up to the production involves rehearsals at the Shell Theatre (students participating will miss 2-3 days of school for rehearsal time). Classes involved in production include: Hip Hop 4-5, Hip Hop 6-7, Hip Hop 8-9, Hip Hop 10-12, Adult Hip Hop, KPA YA, Advanced Ballet/Pointe, Intermediate/Advanced Acro, Tap 3/5/6, Contemporary 5, Contemporary 6, Intermediate and Senior Musical Theatre, and Auditioned dances. 

Click here to learn more about Performances.

Definitely! Please contact the studio directly via email and we will help you arrange this!

We understand that attending a new class can be overwhelming for some performers: a new studio, new peers, and new instructors. Adjusting to a new environment can take some time, so we ask that families give your child(ren) a few weeks to make this adjustment. After this time should you wish to switch classes or drop a class, we ask that you contact the studio administrators directly via email.

KPA offers special tuition fees for students enrolled in multiple classes. Once a student’s tuition reaches $300 per month, they are classified as ‘Unlimited’ and can register for any and all classes that pertain to their age, grade or level for this flat monthly fee. KPA also offers a family discount for two or more family members registering. 

In addition to tuition fees, each performing class will be subject to costume fees.

For those students choosing to audition for our PRODUCTION program extra roles, there is a $100 audition fee applied at time of audition. Main cast and supporting roles may be required to pay for additional costuming/rentals.  

Other fees may include: recital and production theatre ticket purchases, showcase performance tickets, optional recital/production DVD orders, optional studio photo orders, and optional studio apparel.

Throughout the year, KPA offers a variety of fundraising options for all our performers. The majority of our fundraisers (with the exception of our Ukrainian program) are NOT MANDATORY. Depending on the fundraiser, fundraising efforts can provide a direct profit to each performer which can then be applied to future fees.