Performances at KPA consist of recitals, drama showcases and production.

All shows, with the exception of the drama program, are held at the Shell Theatre in Fort Saskatchewan. Drama nights are held at a local venue. 

KPA’s recital program is a great introduction to the studio at large. This non-competitive program is designed to build students up in experience, technique, and confidence, with an ultimate goal of eventually shifting into the KaRAR production program. The majority of our students under the age of 10 begin their KPA journey with recital programming – before moving on to production programming. 

KaRAR production programming is non-competitive in the traditional sense. Although our students are trained at the competitive level, efforts are focused on creating a professional quality theatrical experience for our audiences. Each year, we combine all elements of our studio’s performing arts program (all dance genres, music, and theatre) into a dynamic show – and this, like competition, requires commitment, time, rehearsals, and dedication. Along with production dance classes being automatically integrated into the show, all KPA  students over the age of 10 are welcome to audition for extra speaking, non-speaking, and set dance roles in production. 

In early December, all dance and musical theatre classes participate in a Christmas Joy recital; in June recital dance classes and junior musical theatre classes participate in a Spring Celebration recital. Also in June, all production dance classes, along with intermediate and senior musical theatre, perform in KPA’s annual large scale production. 

Drama students hold their own showcase and are not part of the Christmas Joy or Spring Celebration recital. Drama students of the age 10 years and older are eligible to audition for a role in the studio’s large scale production; and if cast, those students will be part of all production performances.

Winter Performance Breakdown

At the end of the performing season (June), KPA holds three separate performances:

Spring Performance Breakdown

*Productions are held each June over the Father’s Day weekend. The week leading up to the production involves rehearsals at the Shell Theatre (students participating will miss 2-3 days of school for rehearsal time).


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