Located in Stony Plain, Alberta, KaRAR’s Ukrainian dance program focuses on developing well rounded dancers while providing them the skills needed to pursue dance at a professional level. Strongly based in classical ballet technique, KaRAR’s students study ballet barre, character barre, and the many regional variations of Ukrainian dance. Dynamic choreography is developed for all levels (ages 4+) and is performed at festivals, competitions, school performances, as well as Christmas and spring recitals.

Emphasizing camaraderie and community, KaRAR’s students participate in various outreach and fundraising events throughout the dance season creating a family like atmosphere at their studio.

KaRAR Performing Arts is proud to offer exceptional Ukrainian dance instruction to the Parkland region! Come grow with us!

Information on our UK program can be downloaded here.

Why Ukrainian Dance?
Ukrainian dance is great for developing your child into a well-rounded dancer!  It is strongly based in ballet technique and offers dancers the opportunity to grow technically while teaching them important performance techniques.  Ukrainian dance is suitable for both male and female dancers; developing strong male dancers as well as graceful female dancers. Male dancers learn tricks, partnering, and Ukrainian technique; while female dancers learn turns, partnering, and poise.

We would love to see your child grow, develop and excel in our Ukrainian program!


Our Programming 
We offer exceptional Ukrainian dance instruction to the Parkland Region.

Our Instructors
All of our classes are instructed by trained Ukrainian dancers – who have a passion for the genre – and they always will be!

Our Studio
We have an amazing facility with three fully equipped studio spaces for our dance classes.

Our Choreography
Strongly based in ballet and character technique, dynamic, regionally specific, Ukrainian dance choreography is developed for all levels (ages 4+).

Our Costuming
Designed specifically for our program by designers in the Ukraine, our costumes are unique, colourful, and authentic.

Our Camaraderie
Our dancers participate in various outreach and fundraising events throughout the season, creating a family like atmosphere at our studio.

Ukrainian Costuming
As we all know, costuming plays a tremendous role in the dance atmosphere. Authentic Ukrainian costumes are vibrant, regionally specific and have multiple different folklorique elements to them. It is also the authenticity of the costuming that heightens the overall experience of the dance to participants – whether they be dancers or audience members. Unfortunately, costuming is also the largest expense to our Ukrainian dance students; often creating a barrier for many students who wish to participate in the program.

To help alleviate this barrier, KaRAR has started to implement a Cultural Dance Accessibility Initiative to help offset the cost of costuming for our students. The purpose of this initiative is to develop, over time, a costuming closet that will be available for all students involved. Throughout the dance year, the Ukrainian program may ask its students to actively participate in fundraisers to raise money for costuming. It is our hope that with the financial burden of costuming lifted from many families, our Ukrainian dance program could very easily see the studio’s Ukrainian enrolment grow even more, thereby fostering accessibility to cultural dance (without financial burden) to as many children as possible. Once fully established, Ukrainian students will be able to rent costuming from the studio rather than outright paying for their own costuming. The rental fee will include costume usage for the year as well as cleaning services.

Ukrainian Dance Classes

Preschool Ukrainian, Ages 3-5 years
An interactive introduction to Ukrainian dance and basic ballet technique.

Ukrainian 1, Ages 5+
This class helps develop the essential building blocks of Ukrainian dance required to advance in our program.

Ukrainian 2, Ages 7+
This class is for anyone ages 7 and up.  Dancers will develop basic Ukrainian dance and ballet technique while furthering their performance quality.

Ukrainian 3, Placement – Ages 10+
Dancers will be required to have a good grasp on the essentials of Ukrainian dance.  New dance regions will be introduced.

Ukrainian 4, Placement – Ages 13+
High flying, fast moving, and quick spinning are just a few words that describe this class.  Strong Ukrainian and ballet technique is required.

Ukrainian 5, Placement – Ages 16+
Excellent performance quality and knowledge of syllabus is required.

Ukrainian Technique, Ages 10+
This class includes an Integrated character and ballet barre as well as Ukrainian specific centre and corner work. In addition, tricks for boys, and turns for girls are introduced and perfected.