Hip Hop Grades K-1, Gr.2-3 (Recital Program)
Hip Hop Gr.4-5, Gr.6-8, Gr. 9-12, MOVE (Production Program)
All of our hip hop classes will pursue body awareness through hip hop improv and freestyle, but will also focus on a final piece for community performances as well as Christmas and year-end recital or production. Placement is according to grade level and at the senior level is also according to dance experience. MOVE is an instructor-invite program only, run independently by Ms. Nat

Adult Hip Hop, Ages 18+
A fun, social class designed to develop rhythm and body control while focusing on musicality and choreography for performance in the production each year. A hit with all our audiences! Beginner to Int./ Advanced.

Pop & Lock , Ages 10+ (Recital Program)
A class focused heavily on several genre specific elements within hip hop: popping, locking, waving, & housing; all choreography is designed to accommodate advanced dancers interested in pursuing their hip hop development. Beginner to Intermediate.